Divine Science Ministers Association

Chaplaincy Requirements

A. Application Requirements:
1. Submit proof of being an ordained Divine Science minister (Ordination Certificate preferably)
2. Submit letter of intention and resume
3. Submit intentions/plans on course work of 100 hours

B. Course Work:
1. Submit proof of 100 (one hundred) hours of related training, preparation and/or classes.
2. Submit essay explaining why you want chaplaincy credentials and how it will be used.

C. Approval Process:
1. Approval by the Chaplain Advisory Board
2. Approval by the Divine Science Ministerial Association Board of Trustees

Certification must be renewed annually upon payment of fees and continued membership in Divine Science Ministers Association. Any chaplain certified by DSMA is individually responsible for purchasing and maintaining any required liability insurance.

E. Fees:
Chaplaincy Certification by the Divine Science Ministers Association is currently $50, continuing with a modest annual renewal fee of $15. A Certified Chaplain must continue to be a member of DSMA which is currently $35 per year.

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